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Co-working at Teal Art Gallery

Some of you may know that I have been encouraging co-working here at the art gallery.  We now have several regular coworkers that join the working environment once or twice  a week.  Two new people in town are looking at the gallery as a full time (Mon-Friday, 9:30-5:30) co-working space, and we hope to get a few more people to join this winter.

I’m writing about this because initially, we marketed this co-working space but we used the word office.  But it has turned out to not be an office in any traditional sense of the word. It has turned into much more than that. It has become:

  • A professional social community, where you can discuss similar work issues, like frustrating clients or perhaps great victories.  No need to worry about boring your friends about work talk any more because it gets out of your system here.
  • A social source for all of the people that work at home and just don’t get to socialize with people anymore. We socialize here, get lunch, and drink beer.
  • A comforting place to work that isn’t lonely. Talk on your phone, break out into song, or just be quiet, you can expect that people will get their work done anyway.
  • A retreat from your family or cat or cleaning or whatever.  I know you love them (except maybe cleaning), but it is nice to get away and just get work done.

I offer this blog so that people can get a feel of how our co-working has developed over the last year and to welcome you to join us this winter.  Our website has prices and schedules and other information, or you can just come in and visit.

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