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Art for your business

Distinctly you.

Distinctive art furthers your company branding, and customer experience.  That’s why Teal Art Gallery will spend the time learning about your company’s individual identity and goals.  Working within every budget, Teal Art Gallery can find one statement piece or hang every wall in your space.

Simple plan, great results:

  1. Establish your goals, needs, and budget
  2. Choose a plan of action
  3. Select artwork
  4. Hang artwork
  5. Enjoy

Plans of Action

Seasonal artwork: Lease

We will hunt down those perfect pieces of art for you, but what if you really don’t want to buy them?  We offer an exclusive contract in which we will find the perfect pieces, hang them, and if you wish, change out them on a regular basis. For a low monthly fee, you can keep your place fresh with new art.

Build your collection: Lease to own

Well now your leased pieces are getting heaps of compliments, but maybe you would like to be using your payments as an investment towards some of those pieces.  This is our lease to own option.  Over time, you would own all of your favorite pieces.

The whole package: owning and commissions

Amazing commission or favorite pieces to be created for you and owned by you. This option allows complete freedom of choosing artwork with confidence in knowing that you are getting the perfect look for the absolute best price possible.