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Denis Roussel

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These photographs are a tribute to overlooked beauty.

These photos aim at making people more aware of the aesthetical power of the mundane. Roussel’s intent is to represent common plants, flowers and leaves in a way that reveal their intrinsic visual appeal and expressive qualities. To achieve this, he uses simple compositions where the subject is reduced to its basic geometrical elements and physical characteristics are emphasized and allowed to shine.  There is great beauty that is intertwined with the dramatic notion of the demise of flowers and plants.

The manipulations exploit the chemical and physical properties of the support on which the images are fixed. The resulting photographs, while portraying and beautifying elements of nature, also speak of the characteristics of the medium through which they are created.  This technique together with making each image unique, adds to the dramatic aspects of the photographs. In both his color, black and white, and collodion work, Roussel creates nostalgia, a longing for something lost.